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School Committee Members


ORR School Committee Members

Marion Representatives

Michelle Smith, Chairperson | Marion

Margaret McSweeny | Marion

April Nye | Marion

Mattapoisett Representatives

Rosemary Bowman | Mattapoisett

Frances-Feliz Kearns | Mattapoisett

James Muse | Mattapoisett

Rochester Representatives

Jason Chisholm, Vice-Chairperson | Rochester

Matthew Monteiro | Rochester

Joseph Pires | Rochester

Elementry School Committee Members

Marion School Committee Members

April Nye, Chairperson

Nichole Daniel, Vice-Chairperson |

Mary Beauregard

Nichole Nye McGaffey |

Michelle Smith |


Mattapoisett School Committee Members

Carly Lavin, Chairperson |

James Muse, Vice-Chairperson

Cristin Cowles |

Amanda Hastings |

Tiffini Reedy |


Rochester School Committee Members

Sharon Hartley, Chairperson |

Katherine Duggan, Vice-Chairperson |

Jason Chisholm

Robin Rounseville

Anne Fernandes |

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