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About Tri-Town for
Protecting Children

Tolerance CAN be taught WHOLESOMELY

Our Mission

At Tri-Town for Protecting Children, our mission is to preserve and protect the innocence of our children in our public schools and in our community.


Our Initiative

We are dedicated to raising awareness in our community about sexually-explicit literature and social influencing being promoted within our public schools.


Our Goals

  • End the sexualization of our children in our public schools and community

  • Ensure that children’s development is guided by their parents, who are their children’s primary protectors and the ones who love them the most

  • Eliminate the providing to children of age-inappropriate, sexually-explicit reading materials by the public schools

  • Stop the public school teaching of sex and gender theory to children, where children are taught that gender is separate from biology

  • Halt the promotion (both blatant and subtle) of LGBTQ+ philosophies to children by the public schools

  • Promote the return of academic excellence as the priority of our public schools, including by supporting teachers who emphasize academics and individual thinking

  • Replace materials and policies that categorize children into social identity groups with ones that emphasize the individual and tolerance for all

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