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Social Influencing

Social and cultural issues have crept into our public schools and risk creating confusion and division in our children.

Letter to
Highschool Staff

ORR email to staff March 31, 2023.png

Images Inside our Schools

Rainbow Revolutionaries

Written by: Sarah Prager

Accepted into Rochester Memorial Elementary School library

Please see below:

It Feels Good To Be Yourself

Written by: Theresa Thorn

In Rochester Memorial Elementary School Library & Mattapoisett Center School Library

Please see below:

School Committee member Katherine Duggan asked if the his/her gender language could be updated to they/them or the students, with school committee member’s vote.

Begin time: 48:20

Rochester Memorial Elementary School (RMS) Book Appeal of “It Feels Good To Be Yourself” by Theresa Thorn, with link of the school committee meeting on February 29 th , 2024. Discuss appropriateness of book in school library, with school committee member’s vote.

Begin time: 03:25—31:50

Public comments begin time: 1:27:30

The Importance of Protecting Them from Harmful Social Influences in Public Schools

In a world where children are constantly bombarded with various forms of media and societal influences, safeguarding their innocence and well-being is of paramount importance. The Tri-Town for Protecting Children (TTFPC) understands this crucial mandate and aims to raise awareness within the community about the potentially harmful effects of explicit material, literature, and social influences that may be promoted in public schools.


Children are in their formative years, absorbing information and shaping their beliefs and values. Exposure to inappropriate content or messages beyond their maturity level can have detrimental effects on their mental, emotional, and social development. By promoting awareness about these issues, TTFPC seeks to empower parents, educators, and community members to take proactive steps in protecting children from potentially harmful influences.


Public schools play a vital role in shaping young minds, and it is essential that the content and messages conveyed within these institutions align with the values and standards that prioritize the well-being of children. By being vigilant about the materials and messages presented to students, we can create a safe and nurturing environment that fosters healthy growth and development.


TTFPC's mission resonates with the shared goal of many individuals and groups who prioritize the protection of children's innocence. By working together to raise awareness and advocate for age-appropriate, positive influences in public schools, we can create a community that values and protects the well-being of its youngest members. Let us join hands in ensuring that our children grow up in an environment that nurtures their innocence and allows them to thrive.

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